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Building Inclusive STEM Collections: Books by BIPOC Authors (October 2022): Study & Teaching

By Hilary Dorsch Wong, Katherine A. Hicks, and David Kornreich

Study & Teaching

In Everything you Need to Ace Biology in One Big Fat Notebook, Black biologist Matthew Brown provides an accessible introduction to and review of biology for high school students. Part of the publisher’s study guide series (“Big Fat Notebooks”), this book features a mix of colorful graphics and large-print text, with information grouped into helpful chunks. Coverage is wide-ranging; the first half of the book looks at the chemistry needed to understand biological processes. Of note is the section on human reproduction, in which Brown provides a summary of key terms (e.g., transgender, cisgender, nonbinary) defined in a straightforward manner. Though intended for high schoolers, the book could serve as a useful reference for early undergraduates or could even be helpful for those planning to teach biology in high school. While Brown’s book focuses on subject content, Black chemist Saundra McGuire collaborates with education expert Stephanie McGuire in teaching the skill of learning itself. In Teach Students How to Learn and a companion book, Teach Yourself How to Learn, these authors provide a toolkit of strategies to help college students and their instructors learn about learning. The authors advocate teaching students tools for metacognition, and practical strategies in the student book include introducing Bloom’s taxonomy to readers. The book for teachers addresses student motivation, why it is an issue, and how to address it.