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From Sea to Shining Sea: Key Resources in U.S. Environmental History (March 2015): Leopold, Aldo (1887-1948)

by Larry T. Spencer

Leopold, Aldo (1887-1948)

Leopold’s A Sand County Almanac and the land ethic drove consideration of the role of nature and society for most of the twentieth century. Leopold started his career as a forester in Arizona and finished it as America’s first wildlife biologist at the University of Wisconsin. Biographies include Marybeth Lorbiecki’s Aldo Leopold: A Fierce Green Fire and Curt Meine’s Aldo Leopold: His Life and Work. Leopold spent a lot of time at his cabin in southern Wisconsin, and Michael Lannoo describes the role of the cabin in Leopold’s thinking in Leopold’s Shack and Ricketts’s Lab: The Emergence of Environmentalism.

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