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Teaching and Learning with Online Educational Videos: A Subject List of Web Resources for Educators (August 2013): Works Cited

By Susan Ariew

Works Cited: Websites

CH citations appearing at the end of an entry refer to Choice reviews of the resource listed or to a review of the website of its publisher.  For example, the CH review cited in (YouTube One Channel) is a review of, not of its YouTube channel.

Academic Earth.  (CH, Jul’09, 46-5926)

AdViews, Duke University. (CH, Jul’10, 47-6063) (YouTube One Channel),​​  (CH, Dec’09, 47-2033)

Alan Lomax Archive (YouTube One Channel), Association for Cultural Equity.

All about Psychology (YouTube One Channel), David Webb.

American Cancer Society (YouTube One Channel).

American Film Institute (YouTube One Channel).

American Indian Film Gallery, University of Arizona.

American Memory, Library of Congress.  (CH, Dec’05, 43-2404)

American Rhetoric Online Speech Bank, Michael E. Eidenmuller.  (CH, Jun’06, 43-5719)

Animal Planet (YouTube One Channel), Discovery Communications LLC.

The Archaeology Channel, Archaeological Legacy Institute.

Archive of American Television, Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation.  (CH, Mar’10, 47-3539)

ARKive, Wildscreen (registered UK charity).  (CH, Dec’04, 42-2202)

Associated Press (YouTube One Channel).

Bill Nye the Science Guy, Bill Nye.  (CH, Dec’05, 43-2179)

BIO (YouTube One Channel), A+E Television Networks LLC.  (CH, Apr’06, 43-4358), Nonzero Foundation.

Book TV (YouTube One Channel),  (CH, Sep’10, 48-0039)

Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture (YouTube One Channel), University of Washington.

California Academy of Sciences (YouTube One Channel).

CareerTV, CareerTV Inc.—a Universum Company.  (CH, Sep’09, 47-0002)

Carl Sagan’s COSMOS (YouTube One Channel).

CDCStreamingHealth (YouTube One Channel), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

CitizenTube, YouTube.

Crash Course! (YouTube One Channel), Hank Green and John Green.

C-SPAN Video Library, C-SPAN.

C-SPAN (YouTube One Channel), C-SPAN.  (CH, Sep’10, 48-0039)

Dance Channel TV (YouTube One Channel),

ECorner, Stanford Technology Ventures Program.  (CH, Sep’10, 48-0369)

Edge, Edge Foundation Inc.

Edutopia, The George Lucas Educational Foundation.  (CH, Dec’02, 40-2295)

eHow, YouTube.

Europa Film Treasures,  (CH, Mar’09, 46-3736)

Federal Student Aid (YouTube One Channel), U.S. Department of Education,, Inc.  (CH, Apr’09, 46-4165)

Frontline, Public Broadcasting System.

Garland Science (YouTube One Channel), Taylor & Francis Group.

History (YouTube One Channel), A&E Television Networks LLC.

HippoCampus, Monterey Institute for Technology and Education.  (CH, Apr’13, 50-4166)

Howcast, Howcast Media Inc.


It Gets Better Project (YouTube One Channel).

Kaplan SAT and ACT Prep (YouTube One Channel), Kaplan Publishing.

Khan Academy, Khan Academy Inc.  (CH, Jan’11, 48-2433)

LangMedia Resources for World Languages, Five College Center for the Study of World Languages. (CH, Aug’10, 47-6696)

LearnersTV.  (CH, Dec’10, 48-1796)

Mars Exploration Rover Mission, California Institute of Technology Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Media That Matters, Reel Lives Inc.

Mind Your Mind (YouTube One Channel),

MIT OpenCourseWare, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  (CH, Aug’07, 44-6573)

More Than Dance … (YouTube One Channel), Anaheim Ballet, City of Anaheim.

Moving Image Archive, Internet Archive. (CH, Mar’09, 46-3591)

MSRI VMath, Mathematical Sciences Research Institute.

NASA Television (YouTube One Channel).

National Audubon Society (YouTube One Channel).

National Film Board of Canada,  (CH, Aug’09, 46-6535)

National Institute of Mental Health (YouTube One Channel).  (CH, Jan’06, 43-3082)

National Writing Project (YouTube One Channel),  (CH, Mar’11, 48-3997)

Nature Online Video Streaming Archive, Nature Publishing Group.  (CH, Aug’09, 46-6763)

Nature Video Channel (YouTube One Channel), Nature Publishing Group.  (CH, Aug’09, 46-6763)

New York City Ballet (YouTube One Channel),

Nobel Prize (YouTube One Channel), Nobel Prize Foundation.  (CH, Apr’02, 39-4547)

NOVA Education, WGBH Educational Foundation.

NPR Radio Pictures: Videos and Photos (YouTube One Channel), National Public Radio.

Open Culture,Open Culture LLC.  (CH, Sep’12, 50-0010)

OpenLearn, The Open University (UK).  (CH, Mar’09, 46-3617)

Open Vault—WGBH Media Library and Archives, WGBH Educational Foundation.  (CH, Oct’10, 48-0610)

Open Yale Courses, Yale University.  (CH, Jun’08, 45-5706)

PBS LearningMedia, PBS & WGBH Educational Foundation.  (CH, Dec’11, 49-2214)

Penn Museum (YouTube One Channel), University of Pennsylvania, Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.

The Periodic Table of Videos, University of Nottingham.  (CH, Feb’09, 46-3256)

Prendismo Collection, Prendismo LLC.  (CH, Nov’10, 48-1575)

Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting (YouTube One Channel), Pulitzer Center,

Robert Krampf Science (YouTube One Channel),

Royal Opera House (YouTube One Channel),

SciShow News (YouTube One Channel), Hank Green.

Science Channel (YouTube One Channel), Discovery Communications LLC.

The Science Channel (YouTube One Channel), ScienceTV.

Sesame Street (YouTube One Channel),, Sesame Workshop.

Sick Science! (YouTube One Channel),

Sixty Symbols (YouTube One Channel), University of Nottingham.  (CH, Jun’10, 47-5711)

Smithsonian Folkways (YouTube One Channel),  (CH, Dec’09, 47-1762)

Smithsonian Videos (YouTube One Channel).

Stanford Hospital & Clinics (YouTube One Channel),

Stanford University (YouTube One Channel),

Steven Spielberg Film and Video Archive, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.  (CH, Jan’98, 35-2861)

Stratford Festival (YouTube One Channel),

TED Talks, TED Conferences LLC.  (CH, Dec’08, 46-1805)

UCLAcourses (YouTube One Channel), University of California, Los Angeles.

UNICEF (YouTube One Channel).

United Nations (YouTube One Channel), United Nations. (YouTube One Channel),

U.S. Department of Education (YouTube One Channel),, U.S. Department of Education.

U.S Department of State (YouTube One Channel).

USC Annenberg (YouTube One Channel), Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, University of Southern California.

USC School of Cinematic Arts (YouTube One Channel), University of Southern California.

Vega Science Trust Videos, The Vega Science Trust.  (CH, Sep’10, 48-0234)

Videos from (YouTube One Channel),, U.S. Department of Education.

Vimeo, Vimeo LLC.

WatchKnowLearn, Community Foundation of Northwest Mississippi.

webcast.berkeley, University of California, Berkeley.

The White House (YouTube One Channel),

Wildlife Conservation Society (YouTube One Channel), Wildlife Conservation Society.

Witness (YouTube One Channel),

Words of the World (YouTube One Channel), University of Nottingham.

World Economic Forum (YouTube One Channel), World Economic Forum.

World Health Organization (YouTube One Channel), World Health Organization.

YouTube, YouTube LLC.

YouTube EDU, YouTube LLC.

YouTube Teachers, YouTube EDU.