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The Landscape of Contemporary Asian American Studies (September 2016): Gender

By Mark E. Pfeifer


Issues associated with gender and GLBT identity of Asian Americans have also received recent attention from scholars.  Yen Le Espiritu’s Asian American Women and Men assesses the ways in which racist and gendered labor conditions and immigration laws have affected relations between and among Asian American women and men.  The author explores how the historical and contemporary oppression of Asians in the United States has served to resituate the balance of power between Asian American women and men, as well as their efforts to create and maintain social institutions and improve their lives in American society.  Nathalie Huynh Chau Nguyen’s Memory Is Another Country: Women of the Vietnamese Diaspora provides oral narratives collected from forty Vietnamese women.  These women share experiences including family life, thoughts on the importance of a homeland, feelings on returning to Vietnam, cross-cultural relationships, and tensions across generations, as well as memories of trauma suffered as refugees.  Gina Masequesmay and Sean Metzger are the editors of Embodying Asian/American Sexualities, a series of essays that examine sexual identity in different Asian American communities.  Articles discuss such issues as views of homosexuality in Korean Protestant churches, perceptions of pornography among Asian American studies scholars, and the performances of comedian Margaret Cho.