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RCL Career Resources Human Services: Introduction


This guide includes titles reviewed in Choice that are also included in the Resources for College Libraries: Career Resources core bibliography in Human Services. Discover essential titles for two-year colleges and programs across the Human Services disciplines. 

While these guides showcase the overlap between Choice and RCL titles, not every Choice recommended, essential, or Outstanding Academic Title will appear in RCL and likewise, only 10-15% of the RCL: Career Resources selections have been reviewed by Choice. RCL aims to provide a comprehensive subject bibliography aligned with the undergraduate curriculum, meaning it may include books published years ago, not just recent works in a field. Learn more about the RCL core collection.

The titles in the list represent Choice-reviewed Human Services selections as of March 1, 2016. RCL: Career Resources subject bibliographies are continually updated and subject to change. The Human Services subject is maintained by Jenna Enomoto, MSW, MLS.