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Resources for Undergraduate Courses in Bioinformatics: Overview of Biology, Genetics, and Genomics Materials

By Diane P. Genereux

Overview of Biology, Genetics, and Genomics Materials

For biology majors taking an introductory bioinformatics course, segments focused on biology and genetics will be largely a review of concepts already encountered in their major. By contrast, for computer science students, even basic concepts in genetics may be unfamiliar. One strategy for a course with students from both groups is to present fundamental biological questions in the context of the challenges they pose for large-scale data analysis, then offer each group of students a set of suggested additional resources to help fill in gaps in their existing knowledge. In addition to enabling students from both groups to share in-common coursework, this approach will help students develop skills in identifying and studying what they need to learn, which is itself a crucial skill in bioinformatics, where researchers focused on data analysis often must learn about data-collection methods implemented by collaborators. 

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