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American Women Playwrights (July 2022): Interviews with American Women Playwrights

By Martha Schmoyer LoMonaco

Interviews with American Women Playwrights

Two books of interviews are noteworthy: Interviews with Contemporary Women Playwrights, edited by Kathleen Betsko and Rachel Koenig, and Alexis Greene’s Women Who Write Plays: Interviews with American Dramatists. Betsko and Koenig’s book includes more than thirty interviews, about two-thirds of them with American writers, among them Norman, Henley, Terry, Kennedy, and Corinne Jacker. Greene offers her book as “a spiritual daughter of Betsko and Koenig’s pioneering volume.” It includes a wide-ranging selection of women—Lynne Alvarez and the Five Lesbian Brothers, as well as Vogel, Nottage, Rebeck and many others—who offer personal insights into the craft and art of playwrighting. Both of these volumes afford deep insights into the diversity of women’s attitudes toward and contributions to the modern American stage in a series of sharp and frequently funny interviews written in the playwright’s own words.

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