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Bibliography of Classical Mythology (September 2023): Digital Resources

By Scott Goins and Barbara H. Wyman

Digital Resources

Available in print as well as online and including many articles not in English, Lexicon Iconographicum Mythologiae Classicae requires mention. Regularly updated, especially online but also in print, this massive work attempts a near-exhaustive listing of ancient art associated with myths and will be of most use to specialists. More appropriate for nonspecialists is Theoi Greek Mythology, the website of the Theoi Project, which provides a wealth of information, including stories, mythological figures, and art. Also useful is Tuft University’s Perseus Digital Library. Although dedicated mostly to ancient texts, it also has information on Greek myths, their illustrations, and the archeological sites connected with Greek temples. Encyclopedia Mythica: An Encyclopedia on Mythology, Folklore, and Legend has many good articles, although some of the scholarship is a bit dated. Scholars with access to the Oxford Bibliographies Online (OBO) will appreciate the bibliography on mythology in the “Classics” section. Within this section, under the “Religion” heading are several subheadings relating to mythology. The “Classics” subject offers additional resources under the “Literature” and “Reception” headings. OBO is thorough and updated annually. The “Great Courses” series offers excellent audiovisual introductions to mythology, and is available on DVD or digital download. Elizabeth Vandiver’s Classical Mythology course (twenty-four sessions) is engaging and meant for nonspecialists, although specialists will also appreciate her insights.

The paucity of mythology journals (especially in English-speaking countries) is puzzling. Amaltea: Journal of Myth Criticism [Revista de mitocrίtica] is an online polyglot journal with many articles in English. Available on the open access platform DOAJ, Amaltea specializes in theory and in twenty-first-century reception of myth. Articles on mythology can be found scattered in the numerous journals of classics and folklore, but there is no important English-language journal that covers only mythology.

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