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US Latino/a Literatures (April 2015): Home

By Elizabeth Huergo


This bibliographic essay originally appeared in the April 2015 issue of Choice (volume 52 | number 8).


This bibliography is selective not exhaustive.  It is meant to serve as the foundation for the development of an undergraduate literature course, one that would satisfy general education requirements and offer students a well-considered, multicultural educational experience.  Resting not far behind this statement of purpose is the humanistic (and humane) hope that this bibliography will help instructors within and outside the academic disciplines of English and comparative literatures to reflect consciously on the notable contributions of Latino/a writers to the intellectual life of the US and to shared histories. Much of the list that follows is secondary and especially primary sources, although the first section includes a brief listing of valuable reference resources.  In each section the titles are listed alphabetically, by main entry, without annotations.

Elizabeth Huergo is a writer and academic who has taught at a number of colleges and universities. Her first novel, The Death of Fidel Perez, was published by Unbridled Books (2013); her second, Between Anna and Ella, is forthcoming. More information is available at