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New Scholarship on World War I, 2000–2014: Scholarship Activities & Organizations

By Frederic Krome

Scholarship Activities & Organizations

The volume of scholarly interest in World War I has led to both specialized academic programs on the war and numerous courses on the military, diplomatic, economic, and social histories of the war years.  Besides being aware of these graduate programs, interested students, teachers, and researchers should acquaint themselves with the various historical associations that promote the study of the war.  The International Society for First World War Studies, which also publishes a journal (First World War Studies, 2010-present), sponsors a biennial meeting and has an active presence at the annual meeting of the Society for Military History.  The Western Front Association contains a number of resources for those interested in events in France and Flanders, while Over the Front: The League of WW I Aviation Historians focuses on aspects of the air war and publishes the quarterly journal Over the Front (1986-present).  Each of these organizations maintains a useful website.