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Education for Environmental Protection: The Story and Resources (July 2016): Conclusion

By Joseph Watras


As this essay reveals, environmental education has become a critical issue.  In addition to individuals and governmental bodies, associations and learned societies have taken up the cause and published directories and handbooks about environmental education.  Among the most valuable are International Handbook of Research on Environmental Education, edited by Robert Stevenson et al., which provides a general perspective of the field; Routledge International Handbook of Sustainable Development, edited by Michael Redclift and Delyse Springett, which brings in a range of opinions about sustainability; and The International Handbook of Environmental Sociology, edited by Michael Redclift and Graham Woodgate, which covers concepts, issues, and perspectives surrounding the interaction of human society and the environment and provides a range of opinions about controversial subjects.  Taken together, all the resources discussed in this essay paint a clear picture of how education about the environment can benefit everyone and, ideally, forestall further degradation of planet Earth.