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Writing American Immigration History (June 2019): Works Cited

by Sara S. Goek

Additional Resources/Works Cited

Additional Resources

For those new to the subject, a good place to start is David Gerber’s American Immigration, from the Oxford “Very Short Introductions” series. Reed Ueda’s edited volume A Companion to American Immigration provides a useful reference text with chapters on key issues across immigration history, including policy, demographics, ethnicity, economics, and culture. Many of the books mentioned in this essay also appear in the Immigration Syllabus ( created by historians for the Immigration History Research Center at the University of Minnesota and the Immigration and Ethnic History Society (IEHS), along with numerous other texts and suggested primary sources, organized topically. It is an essential resource, especially for teaching. The IEHS also publishes the Journal of American Ethnic History (mentioned above) with University of Illinois Press, which is crucial for keeping up with new scholarship. Another useful resource for teaching is Major Problems in American Immigration History, now in its second edition and edited by Mae Ngai and John Gjerde, which includes selected primary and secondary sources covering Colonial times to the present.

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