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Contemporary Food Studies of the American South: A Guide to the Literature (July 2019): Conclusion

by Skye Hardesty


The works discussed here show the rich and exciting research currently being produced in southern foodways. The diversity of approaches that scholars use can only solidify the importance of food in redefining and rediscovering the unique and complex history of the region. As research in this area grows, academic journals provide the most current scholarship. Readers interested in keeping abreast with future developments will want to consult Gastronomica: The Journal of Critical Food Studies, which is the preeminent food studies journal and regularly features food studies research specific to the American South. The journal Southern Cultures is not a food studies journal, but the Spring 2015 issue was devoted entirely to food, and there are often articles about food in in its issues. The incubator for southern foodways research is The Southern Foodways Alliance, whose website is a rich source of oral histories, symposia, and the latest work on southern food.