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Scholarly Discourse on Political Misinformation: Conclusion

By Yi Ding


As mentioned in the introduction of this essay, there is a gap in manuscript literature on minority and intersectional perspectives on misinformation. While this bibliographic essay provides a useful overview of literature on political misinformation, the hope is to stimulate more research and scholarly manuscript publication focusing on the intersection of political information and minority communities. Many peer-reviewed articles have revealed the impact of fake news and disinformation on minority groups in Europe 6 and Asia.7 In the United States, scholars like Samuel Woolley also acknowledge the disproportionate impact of disinformation targeted at communities of color, particularly in the realm of health and politics.8 Instances such as the targeting of Black Lives Matter with disinformation9 and anti-vaccine advocacy directed at Hispanic communities10 underscore the urgent need for research and interventions.

Fortunately, there have been interventions to address misinformation impacting communities of color. The Asian American Disinformation Table, part of the Disinformation Defense League network, stands as a national coalition combating harmful narratives and coordinating efforts with global allies. Focused on immigrant and diasporic communities connected to Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific Rim, it exemplifies the possibility and potential of collaborative endeavors to research and counter misinformation to support minority communities.

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