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Online Drug Information Resources (June 2015):

By Kristy Steigerwalt

Druglib ( is marketed as a comprehensive site for locating prescription and over-the-counter drug information by relevance. Included are descriptions, indications, adverse effects, warnings, drug interactions, contraindications, active ingredients, clinical pharmacology, overdosage information, drug labels, and chemical structures. Drug identification information is absent. Though the site notes that its monograph information comes from government, educational, and industry sources, further details are not always provided. This site stands out for its inclusion of references and published-study information for individual drug monographs, individual case reporting of adverse effects, and links to trial information provided by Background on the site’s well-credentialed editorial board is clearly delineated in the site’s “about us” section; no affiliation with drug manufacturers or advocacy groups is indicated. Contact information is provided via physical or e-mail addresses.

Page updates are clearly listed on summary site pages. Some pages, it appears, have not been updated for several years; others reflect more frequent updating. The newest drug monographs are not always available. This site provides multiple methods of locating medications via a basic search box (no advanced search is available) or according to a medication’s class; by name or the condition for which the drug is used; via an A-Z listing; and by brand or generic availability. The Google search box has a “did you mean” feature. Users will appreciate being able to find medication information by category/class, by patients’ conditions, and via a list of the most frequently rated medications. The site also encompasses pharmaceutical research, clinical trials, adverse event reporting, and news.

This text-heavy site offers some distinctive means for finding information and a question-and-answer section for participants. Though the extensive text can be a deterrent to navigation, information is surprisingly easy to locate. A navigation menu is provided within monographs, and a navigation bar back to the home page is routinely present, among other options. Pages load quickly but require extensive scrolling; printing and e-mail options are not available. Users should note that this site is supported by advertisements, including those of aggregators; however, a statement indicates that the site does not endorse these external websites. Outside links are live and often connect to reputable government websites for further information. The advertisements, along with the general organization and consolidation of information (especially on the initial home page) may be a deterrent. Despite some problems with dated information, the site has strengths that include the information provided, the searching methods offered, and the provision of original study/trial information.


Recommended as a well-organized, basic drug information resource of moderate scope. Its various entry points, including linkable lists, are useful for health care professionals, faculty, students, and consumers who have some experience searching; novice searchers may have difficulty navigating the site.