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Online Drug Information Resources (June 2015): Micromedex

By Kristy Steigerwalt


This clinical database ( is available by paid subscription only. It provides broad coverage of a wide variety of topics, ranging from dosing to etiologies to indications for drugs and procedures. Micromedex features current, clinically relevant information related to medications, toxicology, diseases, acute care, and alternative medicine. The information provided is unbiased, reliable, and reviewed by vetted specialists. Its references to both primary and secondary literature are categorized by strength of recommendation or levels of evidence, including links to the latest research articles in PubMed. It is intended for point-of-care use to evaluate laboratory results, disease conditions, the latest guidelines, and medications, using an evidenced-based medicine lens.

The initial interface offers an efficient, general, and user-friendly search box. It allows for natural language queries, substances, ingredients, product ID codes, street terms, and more. Focused searching by drug name, disease, or toxicology is offered, but an advanced search interface is unavailable. Spell-check, auto-complete, linkable result outlines, a searchable help interface, and numerous training materials assist in navigating the database. Results are organized by the number of hits within thematic categories such as drugs, diseases, toxicology, and alternative medicine. Web pages load moderately well. Printing options for individual web pages are available. The database has helpful mobile apps for drug information, interactions, and IV compatibility, though the passwords expire frequently. Distinctive content includes comparative dosing charts for drug classes, detailed off-label medication indications, “do not confuse” drug lists, treatment options per disease stage, and patient education materials (“CareNotes”) in over fifteen languages. The “Drug Consults” feature offers referenced, evidenced-based medicine articles and guidelines related to medication use in disease states. Other features include the online Red Book, IV compatibility via Trissel’s 2 Clinical Pharmaceutics Database, Poisondex, Diseasedex, and the PDR, among others.

Compared to similar point-of-care resources, Micromedex has a larger scope of content, linkable outlines for use in navigating search results, reliable content, and a less cluttered initial interface. Drawbacks include the volume of information delivered and small fonts that can impede navigation; relatively few options for clinical calculators; restricted utility in the drug comparison feature; and prohibitively high cost.


Recommended as a comprehensive point-of-care drug information resource for undergraduate and graduate clinical students, researchers, faculty, clinicians, and other medical practitioners, with the caveat that cost may prohibit subscription in favor of other suitable products.