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The Evolution of Computers: Key Resources (July 2013): Dedication

By Kyle D. Winward


I would like to thank Jim Skrydlak for sharing his professional experience and knowledge of all things computer.  I would also like to thank a number of friends and former colleagues from Missouri State University Libraries: Joshua Lambert and Mark Arnold for suggesting some works for inclusion in this essay; and Lynn Cline and Byron Stewart for their inspiration, mentorship, and help over the past eleven years.

Finally, I would like to dedicate this essay to Bob Jordan and Joe Hewitt, Missouri State University Libraries Systems Office, who both left this world too soon.  Bob was a walking encyclopedia of many things, especially computers and popular culture.  Joe suggested a number of seminal works for this essay, and he always had a sparkle in his eyes when he told me about the early days of automation in libraries, especially punch cards.  Rest in peace, my friends.