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Ecological and Evolutionary Responses to Climate Change (July 2017): The Physical Science and Implications of Climate Change

By Diane P. Genereux and David A. Lovejoy

The Physical Science and Implications of Climate Change

The physical science of climate change has been documented extensively in forms accessible to readers from a wide range of academic backgrounds. Among the accounts most compelling for readers without strong backgrounds in chemistry and physics are Ranjit Chavan’s Understanding Climate Change- Its Migration, and Michael E. Mann’s Dire Predictions. Both present clear, if somewhat simplified, pictorial representations.

A second set of books focuses on helping lay readers understand how scientists use primary data to develop specific climate predictions. Jeffrey O. Bennett’s A Global Warming Primer: Answering Your Questions about the Science, the Consequences, and the Solutions is organized as a series of responses to common questions about climate change. Teaching and Learning about Climate Change, edited by Daniel P. Shepardson et al., is an extensive, practical guide for teachers wishing to make climate change a focal point for coursework. For a very recent update on the ever-narrowing window of opportunity for humans to avert the most severe impacts of climate change, an online, open source article, “On Our Rapidly Shrinking Capacity to Comply with the Planetary Boundaries on Climate Change,” by Jean-Denis Mathias, John M. Anderies, and Marco A. Janssen, will be of great interest.