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Building Inclusive STEM Collections: Books by BIPOC Authors (October 2022): Conclusion

By Hilary Dorsch Wong, Katherine A. Hicks, and David Kornreich


When our team began working on this project, we could not locate a similar paper or list focusing on books authored by BIPOC scientists, as opposed to recommendations for books about them. We hope in this essay not only to have shared helpful information about many books written by BIPOC scientists, but also to have explained something of our process, so that we may share strategies with and support librarians elsewhere, including selectors in other disciplines, who may be embarking upon similar work. We trust readers will view this essay as the beginning of a process and conversation, and the books discussed here as an open set; we could not include all works discovered, and no doubt we have missed deserving works. More affirmatively and in sharp contrast to the conventional idea of a “definitive list,” the group of works identified here can only be expected to grow.