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Online Resources for Business Research (August 2016): Specialized Industry Resources

Celia Ross

Specialized Industry Resources

Many databases target specific industries such as technology, sports, medical, or automotive.  Some products are intended for academic subscribers, but because of their specialized nature they are often cost-prohibitive and not typically licensed by public or smaller academic libraries.  Just a few examples of these resources are described here.  Automotive News Data Center covers sales, production, pricing, and other data for auto manufacturers in North America, Europe, and China.  WardsAuto Data Center offers similar content and also covers global plant facilities and engine installations.

The eMarketer database focusing on e-commerce topics and online industries and markets offers a Digital Atlas section that shows total population, numbers, and percentages of Internet and social-media users, fixed broadband households, and mobile phone users.  Also featured are demographic breakouts by age, gender, or race, and reports on digital ad spending, B2B mobile marketing trends, and the Internet of Things (IoT).  For technology industry concerns like cloud computing and big data, Forrester and Gartner are big names.

GlobalData Medical (a Global Data resource suite, also referred to as Medical eTrack) and Medtrack (from Informa Business Intelligence) each focus on the healthcare industry, offering data on medical devices, clinical trials and procedures, and patents by country and company.  EvaluatePharma is another resource focused on the pharmaceutical industry and covers company deals, sales, and forecasts by drug and disease/condition indicators.

The GlobalData Power suite (also known as Power eTrack) includes coverage of the alternative energy sector as well as power capacity and generation, transmission and distribution, and power plant operation and maintenance costs.  All power technologies are covered, including thermal, wind, solar, hydro, nuclear, and other renewable technologies.  News, company profiles and deals, opinions, and research reports are also part of the database offerings.

The Sports Business Research Network from SBRnet is a great resource for data on sports at the professional, college, and high school levels.  Data on sports fans and stadium attendance are covered, as is the sporting goods market.  SBRnet content now includes brand share-of-market coverage that highlights those consumer product categories involved in sport sponsorship.  Some SBRnet subscriptions also include a brand-share index that tracks brand penetration across various sports categories.