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Environmental Education: An Appealing Pathway to Project-Based Guided Investigations (January 2023): Grades 9 through 12

By Stephen T. Schroth and Janese Daniels

Grades 9 through 12

As children enter high school, they begin to consider once again their place in the world, both in terms of their day-to-day lives and their future selves. Accordingly, books geared toward this age group should aim to help students consider possible career paths, educational options, and the interrelatedness of various disciplines that intersect with environmental and sustainability education. One might begin such explorations using Audrea Lim’s edited collection The World We Need, which examines grassroots groups that have combatted environmental damage poisoning various communities around the United States; Joy Reeves’s Growing Up in the Grassroots, an attempt to help individuals holding opposing political views and from different geographic regions and generations understand each other’s perspectives on climate change; Bunyan Bryant’s Educator and Activist, the author’s autobiography about his prolific career in civil rights and environmental activism, emphasizing the University of Michigan’s Environmental Justice Initiative; and Rachel Sarah’s Girl Warriors, which compiles interviews with twenty-five women from around the world, all under age twenty-five, all of whom are taking action within their communities to combat climate change.

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