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Genocide and the Holocaust (October 2023): Bosnia, 1995

By Claudene Sproles

Bosnia, 1995

The military government of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with aid from Serbia and Croatia, waged an ethnic cleansing campaign against Bosniak Muslims during the Bosnian War. The culmination of the killing occurred during the Srebrenica massacre, where over eight thousand Bosniak Muslim men and boys were murdered. An additional twenty-five thousand to thirty thousand were forcibly relocated during the massacre. Estimates put the total dead during the war close to one hundred thousand. A solid introductory source for this event is the reference guide Bosnian Genocide, edited by Paul R. Bartrop, which includes essays, primary source documents, and a chronology. A difficult look at the global response to the genocide can be found in This Time We Knew, edited by Thomas Cushman and Stjepan G. Mestrovic. This collection highlights the fact that, although genocidal events are commonplace, the West still fails to intervene

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