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Genocide and the Holocaust (October 2023): Prevention of Genocide

By Claudene Sproles

Prevention of Genocide

The late Dr. David Hamburg applies a medical model to genocide prevention in Preventing Genocide. His book offers many practical steps to curb genocide while highlighting initiatives from the European Union, NATO, and the United Nations. E. N. and Barbara Anderson’s Warning Signs of Genocide discusses direct and indirect signs of pending genocides and offers several ideas to prevent future occurrences.

Eyal Mayroz points out that although American rhetoric is decisively anti-genocide, our actions against genocidal entities is quite the opposite. In Reluctant Interveners, Mayroz contends that complex political relationships with various stakeholders influence American foreign policy actions, and not for the better.

Even so, Americans like to think that our society could never commit genocide. American exceptionalism and supposed enlightenment prevent these actions. Not so fast, warns Alexander Laban Hinton in It Can Happen Here. Written during the Trump administration, Hinton’s book points out that the former president’s racist rhetoric, hate speech, open admiration for dictators, and virulent anti-immigration stance has propelled the nation toward a genocidal crisis, a microcosm of which occurred at the southern border through family separations.

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