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Teaching and Learning with Online Educational Videos: A Subject List of Web Resources for Educators (August 2013): History

By Susan Ariew


American Rhetoric Online Speech Bank

This site hosts audio and video of hundreds of speeches given by politicians and other public figures.  Movie Speeches includes clips of famous speeches of historical figures found in the movies.

(YouTube One Channel)

One can find 591 documentaries and episodes from favorite History Channel television shows like Pawn Stars.  The channel is searchable and has some wonderful educational material mixed in with a lot of popular culture topics.

American Memory

American Memory, from the Library of Congress, contains an amazing collection of archival films ranging in topics from fifty years of Coca-Cola ads to early films of New York City between 1898 and 1906, to the 1906 San Francisco earthquake—a treasure trove for social studies teachers and history buffs.

Steven Spielberg Film and Video Archive

A searchable online catalog offers access to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Steven Spielberg Film and Video Archive, a comprehensive informational and archival global resource for films related to the Holocaust and historical events of World War II.  Footage includes material that dates from the 1920s to 1948 covering Jewish life, Germany in the 1920s and 1930s, the Nazi rise to power, persecution of Jews in Nazi Germany and throughout Europe, Nazi racial science and propaganda, and more.  Included in the collection are Holocaust survivor testimonies from Claude Lanzmann’s film Shoah.