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Teaching and Learning with Online Educational Videos: A Subject List of Web Resources for Educators (August 2013): Language, Language Arts & Linguistics

By Susan Ariew

Language, Language Arts & Linguistics

Book TV
(YouTube One Channel)

On this YouTube channel, viewers can see lectures and readings about the latest in nonfiction books, history, biography, politics, current events, and more.  The site also includes videos of author interviews, readings, literary parties, panels, and book fairs.

LangMedia Resources for World Languages

LangMedia features “culture talk” video clips of interviews and discussions with people from around the world, resources by language, course guides, and global opportunities for students.  The site offers video material covering languages less commonly available in colleges and universities in the United States.  The sponsor, Five College Center for the Study of World Languages, is committed to hosting authentic materials that illustrate differences in regional dialects and language use among speakers of more commonly taught languages.  This is a helpful resource for those interested in languages, cultures worldwide, and globalization.

National Writing Project
(YouTube One Channel)

A video site to help teachers in all subject areas and grade levels learn new strategies to help their students become confident writers and learners.  Videos include talks by experts on “why I write,” lectures from writing teachers, poets, and educational talks from TED about education and writing.

Words of the World
(YouTube One Channel)

Sponsored by the University of Nottingham, this channel features modern language and culture experts discussing the history and use of some familiar words in short, entertaining videos.