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Resources for Makerspaces (March 2019): Home

by Janet Ochs, Richard Powell, and Lisa Czirr


This essay first appeared in the March 2019 issue of Choice (vol. 56 | issue 7).


Makerspaces, or fabrication laboratories (“fab labs”), are growing popular around the world and offer a setting for creating, collaborating, innovating, problem solving, and learning. This essay focuses on resources for makerspaces and fab labs in academic settings, particularly libraries. The essay also includes several resources geared toward K–12 and other environments.

The resources selected explain the history and importance of making, describe the connection between making and learning, highlight components found in higher education makerspaces, and discuss potential project ideas. The resources provide information about 3-D printing, arts and crafts, coding, electronics, multimedia, robotics, and tools. Included are books for beginners as well as seasoned practitioners, dated from the start of the maker movement through 2018.

Janet L. Ochs is a senior assistant librarian at SUNY Cortland’s Memorial Library and an instructor in the computer applications program. Richard. J. Powell is an instructional services librarian and Lisa Czirr is the Teaching Materials Center librarian, both at SUNY Cortland’s Memorial Library. Janet, Rick, and Lisa all serve on the SUNY Cortland Memorial Library Makerspace Committee.