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Resources for Makerspaces (March 2019): Conclusion

by Janet Ochs, Richard Powell, and Lisa Czirr


 Makerspaces or fabrication laboratories (fab labs) are available around the world and provide resources for creating, collaborating, innovating, problem solving, and learning. Makerspaces are located in many environments, but a common place to find one is in the library.

A host of current resources highlight the makerspace components found in academic libraries, explain the history and importance of making, describe the connection between making and learning, and discuss potential project ideas.

This essay concludes with a few additional resources that are worth mentioning. Maker Media is the publisher of Make: a magazine devoted to the makerspace movement since 2005. Maker Media also publishes a series of guides for a variety of projects from Arduino and 3D printing to leatherworking and furniture making. This essay includes some of the Maker Media books, but many others are available. Finally, websites such as offer valuable ideas and tips for making. As the Makerspace movement continues to grow, readers are encouraged to look for new material from its many proponents.