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Resources for Makerspaces (March 2019): Audio

by Janet Ochs, Richard Powell, and Lisa Czirr


Podcasting is the process of recording video or audio pieces that can be streamed or downloaded over the internet. Thanks to the accessibility of the medium, the podcast world has exploded, and there are podcasts devoted to Star Wars, comics, movies, sports, crafts, and more. For any niche interest, chances are there is a podcast devoted to it. And if not, it’s easier than ever to start one.

The third edition of Tee Morris and Chuck Tomasi’s Podcasting for Dummies focuses mainly on audio podcasting. It covers creation, recording, recommended hardware, settings, finding your “voice,” show notes, and even publicity. One chapter is devoted to video podcasting, both prerecorded and live. Video podcasting is gaining popularity; hopefully, future editions will feature more on this format. The authors are veteran podcasters with years of experience and wisdom to share with their readers.

Audacity is an open-source multitrack audio editor and recorder; it is an intuitive tool that works with several operating systems. Books on Audacity are surprisingly rare. Carla Schroder’s The Book of Audacity, though somewhat dated, is a great place to learn the ins and outs of the software before heading over to the product’s website for information about its most current release. Audacity is also a valuable archival tool, with an easy method for digitizing old cassettes and vinyl recordings. When it comes to creating podcasts, this software shines, enabling multitrack recording, ringtones, and special effects.

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