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Resources for Makerspaces (March 2019): Robotics

by Janet Ochs, Richard Powell, and Lisa Czirr


The resources in this section are designed for individuals new to robotics. Those wishing to start out with simple and inexpensive robots can try Kathy Ceceri’s Making Simple Robots or Home Robotics: Maker-Inspired Projects for Building Your Own Robots, by Daniel Knox. The authors provide simple instructions for building robots out of simple items like paper, balloons, and wire. Formatting their books like cookbooks, the authors include “ingredient” lists of required tools and robot components and illustrated instructions. Ceceri is also the author of the children’s activity book Robotics: Discover the Science and Technology of the Future, and Knox manages “The Shed” makerspace at the University of Kent.

Another option for working with robots is to purchase the LEGO Mindstorms EV3. The robotics set includes configurations and directions for building five different robots. Laurens Valk’s The Lego® Mindstorms Ev3 Discovery Book describes how to build and program robots and includes chapters for more advanced programmers as well.

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