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A Guide to Openly Accessible Media and Streaming Video Content (January 2021): Philosophy & Religion

by Susan Ariew, LeEtta Schmidt, and Matt Torrence

Philosophy & Religion

Ted Talks: Philosophy includes Ted Talks that tackle big questions about the human condition, including the place of humanity in the universe, human identity, how great ideas are born, and how people make choices in their lives. Philosophy Tube (YouTube) includes content about logic, ethics, and politics and law as related to philosophy. Another video site devoted to philosophical thinking, Philosophy TV, offers material on more technical philosophy topics such as free will, love and freedom, Bayesian concepts, and epistemology. A dropdown of categories allows for easy searching. Similarly, Wi-Phi videos offer discussions of various philosophical concepts, figures, and themes, such as critical thinking, René Descartes, epistemology, ethics, philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of religion, political philosophy, and more. The Review of Religions (YouTube) channel is described on the site as “cutting-edge, fresh content on world religions with short documentaries, interviews, and podcasts.”