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A Guide to Openly Accessible Media and Streaming Video Content (January 2021): Sociology, Psychology & Criminology

by Susan Ariew, LeEtta Schmidt, and Matt Torrence

Sociology, Psychology & Criminology

Users interested in sociology can head to The Sociological Cinema for information and resources—including modules, pictures, and more—related to pop culture and to teaching and learning sociology. Discovering Psychology: Updated Edition (on the Annenberg Learner platform) offers an online video instructional series that introduces the history and major theories in the field of psychology. It is at a level appropriate for college and high school classrooms, as well as for adult learners. In addition, NOVA: Body and Brain is excellent for video and other formats of information on the many overlapping areas of psychology, biology, and anatomy. Videos are in a format that will be familiar to users, with episodes that comprehensively cover and capture each topic and/or theory